Balance Router im Vergleich

Technische Daten

Small Business/SmallOfficeSmall BusinessMid-Size BusinessLarge Enterprise/Campus
Modelb20_sPeplink Balance 2020 B30LTE_sPeplink Balance 30 LTE30 b1-sPeplink Balance ONEOne b210_s210 b305-s305 b380-s380 b580-s580 b710-s710 b1350-s1350 b2500-s2500
Product CodeBPL-021BPL-031-LTEBPL-OneBPL-210BPL-305BPL-380BPL-580BPL-710BPL-135BPL-2500
Ethernet WAN Ports2 (GE) 2 (GE)2/5 (GE) 2 (GE) 3 (GE)3 (GE)5 (GE)7 (GE)13 (GE)12 (GE)/4 (GE)
&2 (10G SFP+)
LAN Ports4 (GE)4 (GE)8/5 (GE) 7 (GE)3 (GE)3 (GE)3 (GE)3 (GE)3 (GE)8 (GE)/
2 (10G SFP+)
Simultaneous Dual-Band
802.11ac/a/b/g/n Wi-Fi AP
Embedded 4G LTE1
SIM Card SizeMini-SIM (2FF)
USB-WAN Modem Port1111111111
Recommened Users 1-601-601-6025-15050-50050-500300-1000500-20001000-50005000-20000+
Router Throughput150Mbps200Mbps600Mbps/
350Mbps1 Gbps1 Gbps1,5 Gbps2,5 Gbps5 Gbps8 Gbps
Core Functionality2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
802.1q VLANs supported16161616128128128128/128128
Port-Based VLAN
Load Balancing & Failover
Load Balancing Algorithms8888888888
Drop-In Mode
Inbound Load Balancing
InControl Cloud Management
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Functionality2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
SpeedFusion Hot Failover
SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding
Number of PepVPN/SpeedFusion Peers2/5 2/5 2/5/20 2/5 2/20 20503008004000
PepVPN Throughput (256-bit AES)30 Mbps60 Mbps30 Mbps 80 Mbps150 Mbps150 Mbps200 Mbps400 Mbps800 Mbps2 Gbps
PepVPN Throughput (No Encryption)60 Mbps120 Mbps60 Mbps 160 Mbps
IPsec/L2TP/PPTP VPN Functionality 2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)
Number of IPsec Tunnels2222202050150400800
L2TP VPN Server
Recommended PPTP VPN Users1515151550501002005001000
AP Controller Functionality2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
Pepwave AP Series Management
Maximum Number of AP Supported1030103050501002505001500
Remote AP & Multiple Config Profiles Management
Advanced QoS Functionality2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
Bandwidth Usage Monitor
QoS for VoIP and E-Commerce
User Groups Bandwidth Control
Web Blocking
Web Filtering BlacklistLiteLiteFullFullFullFullFullFull
Hardware2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
Operating Temperature0-40°C
LACP (802.3ad) NIC Bonding
Power Consumption15W15W15W15W50W50W50W70W70W230W
1U Rackmount
High Availability
LAN Bypass
Dual Hot Swap
Power Supply
Certifications2030 LTEOne21030538058071013502500
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty